Our studio is a dream space for any creative.

Our philosophy is based on a real, larger-than-life character – Mr Georges. Being the quirky genius he is, he has the determination to create beautiful things that have inspired us to open a studio. Our studio-for-hire encourages collaborations when it comes to unique projects.

Our industrial windows have natural light streaming through ensuring you can make the most of the Cape Town sun. Glimpsing through the windows are peaks of the picturesque Table Mountain and beauty of the Atlantic Ocean. This is the space for all your needs.

Meet Our Talented Stylists

Perfect for photographers, videographers, or any other creative.

If you’re looking for a studio that lends itself to be transformed, a space to create huge art pieces, or need a venue with spectacular surroundings, Mr Georges Creative Studio is your home away from home.

Mr Georges Studio can also be transformed into your own space for any event. Our view alone is a dream come true for any event.

Contact us today to collaborate in creating something unique at Mr Georges Creative Studio