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Hey Mr. Georges Studio, my name is Kelly and the reason why I am writing this review is solely because I want to share how much my first studio session in your amazing facilities has impacted me so much in a positive way. I am an upcoming make-up artist and my first ever gig in my life was in your studio and I came in very shy and nervous, but the team I worked with was very helpful and very courteous towards me which I am very thankful for as it gave me the confidence I needed to get the job done as well as meet the requirements. Getting this amazing opportunity didn’t only give me insight of what happens behind the scenes in terms of the make-up room, the lights and cameras but it also gave me insight about myself too and it really made me reconsider and evaluate what I really want to do with my side hustle. The pandemic has made me realize that collaborating with clothing brands as well as linking up with models would be the most ideal and perfect career for me especially in this ‘new normal’ climate/atmosphere that we are living in which requires us as creatives or beauty specialists to be a bit more creative as well as unique. I recently did make-up for an upcoming clothing company and that shoot once again opened my eyes and made me believe that this surely is the right direction for me and your professional facilities drove me to believe that this is true and once again solidified what I was thinking out of impulse. I feel like with more studio time (as doing make-up requires a lot of time and patience) I can gain more experience just like how I did in Mr. Georges Studio .To be very honest, the bar is and will always be set at a very high level as I am sure not many other studios in Cape Town can compare to your amazing top notch studio and I am sure many people that have worked there or been there can vouch and speak of your people with high regard. Once again, I thank you for the amazing hospitality and I wish to work in your amazing studio again in the mere future with plenty more working time in the future!

Absolutely stunning studio! Exquisite deco. Friendly personnel that always goes an extra mile to accommodate my team and make us feel welcome. It’s got absolutely everything the photographer needs. It’s affordable and available for rent whether it’s for a couple of hours or for the whole day.

Irina Carmichael

Hi there . I just discovered the studio not too long ago only to know that it's been around for 3 years . LOVED the space , loved the concept. We a brand that is not keen on your usual white background and this was perfect . Service was amazing, always checking up if my team and I were ok. Will definitely be back !

Nazeefah Safi

I have always had the most amazing service and experience working at Mr George’s Studio. The studio is always in an immaculate condition and not to mention how beautiful and creative the space is. It’s definitely my favorite studio to shoot at hands down in Cape Town.

Candice Joshua

Mr Georges studio always has such a positive vibe when you enter. I had the opportunity to work along side Reza and his team and wow it was outstanding. Always producing quality but having fun at the same time too! Will definitely recommend this studio to all my creatives.

Yusra Davids

Beautiful space, great service, convenient location. Will definitely use this studio again!

Katya Fedkina

Love love the studio! I worked with them and their services are exceptional.

Melody Gwala

Amazing studio . Great customer service and good value for money . Would recommend

Liam Bradshaw

Excellent and professional service

Cherrie Couture

Awesome studio

Leticia Fortuin

The place had everything.

Xola Nguzo